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Help Blue elephant confections win!!!!!!


I am offering 2 deals for this awesome contest that Blue Elephant Confections is entered in, A free 2 dozen yummy cookies of your choice or 10% off your next order of 65.00 or more if I win for my state of Virginia in cake/cupcake shop category (I am currently in 2nd place). I need everyone to vote daily and with every device you own until Sept. 30th 2019. When you vote please drop your name here so I can put your name in the mix for the drawing. Voting info below and thank you so very much for the votes and the support!

please use this link to vote daily for Blue Elephant Confections…/blue-elephant-confec…/

text to vote to 474747 with keyword SBA1816

please email your name when voted to me @ so i can put your name in for the drawing. Thank you!!!

About Blue Elephant Confections


 Blue Elephant Confections, LLC is a premier wedding cake designer and bakery in Newport News, Virginia. This excellent cake and pastry bakery, owned by Javon Kohl, inspires couples to think outside the box when it comes to their wedding day desserts. From delicious, one of a kind cakes to cookies and small morsels for all, Blue Elephant Confections will make your wedding day that much sweeter.

Italian elegance by LB Studios Images @ the Peninsula at Heritage Point.

  Javon Kohl, owner and lead designer at Blue Elephant Confections, studied baking and pastry design at Kaiser University. She spent over ten years in the industry before opening her own bakery, Licensed and insured specializing in wedding cakes and desserts for all occasions.  


 Blue Elephant Confections offers custom wedding packages to suit the needs of all couples and their guests. They offer custom wedding cakes, along with dessert trays of cupcakes, cookies, and other treats. Blue Elephant Confections specializes in creating their own stunning, handmade sugar flowers. They also provide delivery service, stand rentals, and set up for your event. 

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